Orchid culture runs in our family

Theo Ammerlaan started growing cucumbers in 1977. That same year his father started growing orchids. It would not take long before his 4 brothers also started growing orchids.

In 1993 Theo Ammerlaan also decided to start growing orchids. Because of the knowledge with the Ammerlaan family Theo Ammerlaan Orchids grew into an excellent orchid grower. As a result Theo Ammerlaan won an prestigious Floriade award for the best cymbidium.
Current developments
In 2007 a new 21.500m3 company was realized. In the new 6 meter high building the most optimal systems were incorparated to ensure the best cymbidium growth for now and in the future. The new greenhouse has among many other things, a double screen, isolated outer walls, an internal water storage and an internal transporting system.

Since the start of the new facility Theo's son Gertjan Ammerlaan has joined the company. After following an education at the InHolland school for farming, he graduated on the new business case developed for this new investment. Now father and son are combining their knowledge to further improve the growth of their orchids.