More pleasure out of your orchid

An Orchid is an sophisticated, elegant, exciting and pure. It makes an ideal gift and a very special bridal bouquet. Did you know that the orchid is the symbol of pure friendship?
Tips for care for the florist
Tips transport and storage
  • Transport orchids at temperatures between 10 and 12 C.
  • Keep the flowers away from sources of ethylene such as ripe fruit, vegetables or exhaust fumes.
  • Never stand orchids in a draught or in full sunlight.
  • Treat them with care and avoid dropping or bumping them.
  • Keep the vials filled with water at all times.
  • Take care with the delicate stigma.

Tips for presentation
  • Display orchids by colour and variety. This looks attractive and will enhance the turnover speed.
  • Remove any sprays of dead flowers. This keeps the display looking attractive and tempting.
  • Replicate situations in the home: Place a few orchids in pretty vases on an attractive sideboard or mantelpiece. Give your customers ideas they can use in their own homes. The choice of vase can have huge effect on the impact of the flowers. Opt for a specific ambience that either contrasts with the flower or tones with it. An antique vase will create a different effect to a contemporary one. The same applies to sober and bright colours, natural or synthetic materials. Experiment and inspire!

Tips for care in the home
Cut flower Orchids DISLIKE:
  • direct sunlight
  • standing near the central heating or a heater
  • fruit bowls! Fruit produces gases that cause flowers to age prematurely
As soon as you get home
  • Cut the plastic sleeve open
  • Remove the spray from the vial in which it is sold
  • Cut 1 cm off the end of the stem
  • Stand the spray in a vase of fresh, tepid water
  • Cut 1 cm off the stem every five days
  • Do not use cut flower food
  • Never touch the delicate inner parts of the flower. Touching the stigma will accidentally distribute the pollen and the flower will quickly wither!